Community Partners

Canopy Northwest Arkansas partners with many businesses, nonprofits and faith communities throughout Northwest Arkansas to connect our resettled refugees to resources needed for them to build a new life. We are so thankful for the support of our community! We couldn't do it without you! 

Note: We are still in the process of adding our partners. If you have partnered with Canopy and want to let others know about it through our page, please contact

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Ozark Literacy COuncil

The Ozark Literacy Councils provides free English language lessons and classes to adults in Washington County. In 2018, we served more than 375 adult students from 50 countries around the globe. We help our students reach their goals of employment, financial security for their family, engaging in their children's educations, increasing community involvement, and obtaining U.S. citizenship. Ozark Literacy Council has more than 80 trained tutors who offer their time to give students a chance to learn and improve reading, spelling, grammar, writing, pronunciation, and conversational English skills.


COmmunity CLinic

Community Clinic offers health care services by providing comprehensive primary medical and dental care to Canopy families. Community Clinic’s mission is “Helping People lead healthy lives by providing health care for all in Northwest Arkansas.” Our goals are to increase direct services to the underserved while expanding access to affordable, quality, comprehensive health care for all. At Community Clinic, we support the Canopy resettlement programs by welcoming all refugee families to establish a medical home with us.


Furniture Friends

Providing rent free furniture to the NWA international community for 15 years. Furniture Friends was originally started to help furnish apartments for international students coming to the area to study, but has now expanded to helping Canopy provide furniture for our refugee families! We’re excited to partner with them as we welcome refugees home. Have furniture to donate or want to get involved? Click below!


Beautiful lives Boutique

Beautiful Lives Boutique is a nonprofit women's thrift boutique that provides women's fashion at thrift prices in our local community. All proceeds from sales go directly to help organizations like International Justice Mission “bring beauty and hope to the lives of women and children in crisis in our own community and around the world”. Beautiful Lives Boutique partners with Canopy NWA to provide our female refugee clients with clothing that makes them feel as beautiful and special on the outside as they are on the inside.

Fort smith adult education center

Serving refugees since 1975, the Fort Smith AEC helps teach our clients English through reading, writing, listening, pronunciation and speaking. Their goal is to prepare adults for the workforce or for higher education. The organization believes that refugee resettlement is great for our communities and are an "important and vibrant part" of Northwest Arkansas.

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Potter's house academy

Potter's House Academy has taken some of our refugee families children and enrolled them in their programs. They have helped improve their language skills and encourage them in their adjustment to a new culture. They believe that "a healthy community is a diverse community", part of which includes embracing new neighbors. 

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Rockin' Baker Academy

Rockin' Baker Academy offers training opportunities to our refugees who are looking to acquire trade and/or soft skills. They also hope to offer employment for refugees as the need arises.Their goal is to "enable self-sufficiency through on-the-job skills training. They believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to live productive lives and become active participants in society.

The Grove Church

The Grove Church has formed a co-sponsor group that is anxiously waiting to be matched with a refugee family. In the meantime, they have found opportunities to volunteer at several events such as the Mock Refugee Camp at the University of Arkansas. They believe that Canopy provides a unique opportunity to bring the world to our community. They are thankful for the refugee families who are now able to call Northwest Arkansas home because of Canopy.

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Ozark Guidance

Ozark Guidance has partnered with Canopy from the very beginning. They currently provide mental health care to our clients, when needed. Ozark Guidance also holds trainings about refugees and trauma to "better assist Canopy volunteers in working with those resettled in NWA". Their mission is to save and change lives by providing compassionate, quality mental health services.

Literacy Council of Benton County

The Literacy Council of Benton County offers free of charge English classes to Canopy refugee clients, but they have been teaching adults from all over the world since 1972. The Literacy Council has served students affiliated with Canopy, additionally they train tutors for our clients. They welcome the chance to play a small part in giving refugees a better life in the United States. They hope to continue to be of service to more refugees in the future.


Catholic Charities immigration services

Catholic Charities Immigration Services has been incredibly instrumental in the formation of Canopy NWA. They helped Canopy form, and provided vital information toward the success of our organization. Catholic Charities Immigration Services is another refugee resettlement agency in Arkansas, located in Central Arkansas. 

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Students for Refugees

Students for Refugees empowers students to utilize their disciplines and resources at the University of Arkansas to advocate for the dignity of refugees and create an environment for refugee resettlement in Northwest Arkansas.  They have worked with Canopy NWA since our inception, and spearheaded the first Refugee Camp Experience at the University of Arkansas.

BEntonville Community Church

Bentonville Community Church is committed to ministries and partner organizations that help fulfill its calling to “extend life-giving community to our world.” They have completed co-sponsor training and are waiting on a family to be paired with. As they wait, they continue to support Canopy in various ways, believing this is what God has called them to do to help alleviate the global refugee crisis.


Arsaga's Fayetteville Coffee Roasters

Since 1992, we at Arsaga’s Coffee Roasters have made it our goal to cultivate, through our cafes, community spaces where strangers can become neighbors and neighbors can become friends. Fayetteville is our home and we’re happy to partner with Canopy Refugee Resettlement in their mission to make Fayetteville a welcoming community for those who need one the most. We hope to make the resettlement process a little easier by providing coffee donations and spaces of welcome for Canopy volunteers and our newly resettled refugee neighbors.

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Grace Church

The Grace Church family is a diverse group of people from different cultures, faith traditions and points of view. This makes for some interesting conversations as we figure out together what it means to live in this world as God’s children every day. We learn from, listen to, pray for, spend time with and encourage each other. Most of all, we try to love each other as Jesus teaches. Working with Canopy and our refugee friends is a great way for us to tangibly do all of this. We’ve been blessed to work with and serve a refugee family of eight through Canopy and look forward to more of this family coming home to Northwest Arkansas soon. The work Canopy does to help refugees is invaluable and a huge asset to our community and the world. We’re proud to be a part of it.


Adult Education Program

We support Canopy of Northwest Arkansas because we wholeheartedly believe in Canopy's mission.  Our past and current involvement has been to assist refugees through their process of learning the English language, improving their academic skills and integrating into the local community.  We plan to continue to be involved in this way andalways look forward to assisting new arrivals as they move to our community.