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#StandTogether: 100 Calls for Refugees

Join us in a nationwide campaign inviting our community to #StandTogether with refugees. How can you participate?

Our goal is to have 100 people make 1 call to Congressman Womack's office in support of refugee resettlement.

How can you participate?

1. CALL Congressman Womack's office. Not sure what to say? See script below.  For easy access to his number and other representatives, download the Capitol Call app. Click on "Take Action" and join our campaign! Rogers Office:(479) 464-0446

2. TELL us via our Facebook event that you've called by posting a picture or commenting. We want to count you!

3. SHARE the event.

4. ENCOURAGE your circle of influence to call.

That's it. Simple. Easy. Every call makes a difference, and collectively we can make sure Congressman Womack knows that Arkansans support refugee resettlement.

THIS has the potential to create CHANGE. So, let's do it!

Sample Script:

  • Hello, my name is (Insert Name). I am a constituent and live in (Insert City, State).
  • I am calling to express my support for the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program.
  • I support the resettling of 45,000 refugees in the U.S as the Administration committed to for 2018. 
  • I am deeply concerned that, as a country, we are not on track to meet this number and as of March 19, 2018 have only admitted 9,675 refugees.
  • Since WWII, the U.S. has been a global leader in offering refuge to those escaping persecution, war, or violence in their home country.
  • We cannot turn our backs on them. My community welcomes refugees and wants to help them.
  • Communities of faith nationwide strongly support resettling 45,000 refugees in the U.S.
  • I encourage Congressman Womack to stand up for what is right and protect this life-saving humanitarian program. Thank you!

Make It Personal!

If you feel comfortable, share a personal story about why helping and welcoming refugees is important to you (your faith, your community, your business, your family or background, etc.). Let them know the specific ways that refugees are welcomed into your community, congregations, and why refugee protection is so important to you.