There are many ways to support refugee families as they arrive in Northwest Arkansas


Canopy’s mission is to provide a robust network of support for refugees resettling in Northwest Arkansas. Our vision is to not only meet their basic needs, but to equip them with the tools to thrive as active members of the NWA community.


Sponsor a Refugee Family

Co-sponsors agree to visit the family regularly, have them over for meals, invite them to community events, take them on outings around town, and above all, be a friend to them. 

Volunteer with Canopy NWA

If you or your family are looking for tangible ways to help in the refugee crisis, but cannot commit to full co-sponsorship, please check out our full list of Volunteer Opportunities. 

Advocate for Refugees

Learn what defines a refugee, how they come to the US and how the US keeps its citizens safe throughout that process. Then, start spreading this information wherever you can. 

Financially Support Canopy 

Canopy is a public-private partnership. We receive limited state and federal funds to support our work, so we can only exist with the support of our generous community.