Volunteer with Canopy NWA

If you are looking for tangible ways to help in the refugee crisis, but cannot commit to full co-sponsorship, please check out our full list of Volunteer Opportunities. 

Today we can use help in the following skill areas:


  • Co-Sponsor
  • Bus Trainer
  • Child Caretaker
  • ESL In-Home Partner
  • Holiday Host
  • New Resident City Guide
  • Transportation Volunteer
  • Interpreter


  • Donation Organizer
  • Event Coordinator
  • Office Assistant
  • Volunteer Recruiter
  • Event Volunteer


  • Apartment Set-up
  • Welcome Baskets
  • Advocacy
  • Interpreter
  • Donation Drive Organizer
  • Co-Sponsor Recruitment

Upcoming Volunteer Events

Advocate for Refugees

Learn what defines a refugee, how they come to the US and how the US keeps its citizens safe throughout that process.

You can download the Refugee Fact Sheet (from Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services) as a place to start.

Then, start spreading this information wherever you can, and encourage others to become Co-Sponsors, Volunteer, Advocate or give financially to the efforts of Canopy NWA.

We encourage you to sign-on to to the sector specific letters and share them with business leaders, faith leaders, those in the health sector, and educators in your community. Sign-on letters below. 

Additionally, please take some time to contact our Elected officials to show your support for Refugee Resettlement in Northwest Arkansas.  Contact information below.

Financially Support Canopy's Vision and Mission

Canopy is a public-private partnership. We receive limited state and federal funds to support our work, so we can only exist with the support of our generous community.