Our Mission

Canopy Northwest Arkansas is working to support refugees who are resettling in our community.  

We believe that Northwest Arkansas, with its diverse community, rapid economic growth, and excellent educational institutions, is an ideal location for refugees seeking to build a new life.  We are inviting on our community to recognize our shared humanity by showing compassion and care for those seeking refuge in Northwest Arkansas. We seek to engage our community by connecting organizations, businesses, congregations, and individuals to all refugees in need of assistance.


Help sustain our work far into the future by planting a small seed for us today in the form of a recurring monthly gift. 


Canopy NWA's Work

Resettlement Assistance Support

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Education & Job Training

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Community Relationships

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As a resettlement center, it is up to Canopy to provide them with everything they need to build a new life. They need a place to live, schools for their kids, language classes, doctors, lawyers, counselors, and babysitters. 

Canopy will help refugees learn English, put together a resume, evaluate their degree, and prepare for the American workforce. Canopy will also provide training on the interview process as well as key cultural features of the American work ethic. 

Community is the foundation of what makes a place to live a home. Without a strong sense of connection to the world around them, refugees cannot build a new life here. 

Central American Minors

If you are a parent with legal status here in the US and you have a child at risk of gang violence back home in El Salvador, Guatemala or Honduras, then Canopy may be able to help you apply to bring your child to the US as a refugee.

Si usted es padre con estado legal aquí en los EEUU y tiene a un hijo en riesgo de violencia de las bandas en El Salvador, Guatemala, o Honduras, en ese caso tal vez Canopy pueda ayudarlo a aplicar para traer a su hijo a EEUU como refugiado.