Plant a Seed!

Help sustain our work far into the future by planting a small seed for us today in the form of a recurring monthly gift. 


Here's what your seed will produce over the course of a year:

  • $10 a month provides job training for a new American.
  • $25 a month provides a family with children one-on-one case-management to help enroll their children in school, as well as supplies they'll need for their new environment.
  • $50 a month covers the cost of rent for a family of four for a month.
  • $100 a month covers ALL of the above for an ENTIRE family!

Our goal is to get to 200 monthly donors by the end of this month—so that means we really do need everyone to get involved and give what they can. We need you.  

If you'll do that for us, here's what we'll do: 

  • For every new recurring gift we receive, we will plant a seed of our own and give the plant to a refugee family in our community. Tune into our Facebook page every Friday for a live planting video where we celebrate our progress toward our goal! 
  • If you set up a monthly gift of $25 or more, we'll send you free t-shirt! Just enter your t-shirt size into the notes section when you set up your gift, and we’ll get one in the mail to you within a couple of weeks.

Let’s do this together. Plant a seed today—for the ones already here, the ones yet to come and for the community we are building together.