Canopy NWA's Response to Arkansas Congressman's Letter to Secretary of State


Earlier today, Arkansas Congressman Steve Womack, Congressman Rick Crawford, and Congressman Bruce Westerman sent a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry expressing their concerns with Canopy NWA receiving certification from the U.S. Department of State to resettle refugees in Arkansas.

Canopy NWA Official Statement Regarding the Letter from Three Arkansas Congressmen to Secretary of State John Kerry

Dated:  October 24, 2016

We affirm the importance of keeping Arkansas safe for Arkansans and we are grateful that our elected leaders are looking out for the safety and well-being of our community. As their constituents, we expect nothing less. 

Canopy NWA accepts referrals from the State Department but does not determine refugee country of origin nor does it have a role in the admissions or vetting process.  As such, we support the most stringent, secure vetting process possible. We encourage our elected officials to continue to work with the State Department in ensuring that the admissions process is thorough and complete.  Canopy has been in contact with Congressman Womack and his staff during this process and we have requested a follow up meeting so that we may continue to work together on these issues. 

Canopy has and will continue to work closely with members of the community, our local and state government and our elected officials to ensure the continued safety and prosperity of all Arkansans—both old and new. 

Thank you,

Canopy NWA

We want to make sure our elected representatives hear everyone's voices about Canopy's work here in NW Arkansas, so we encourage you to contact your elected officials to share your thoughts.  

Contact Congressman Womack's Office Here.