Give Thanks

As you gather with your families around your Thanksgiving tables, please join us in giving thanks:

                For the 55 men, women and children who have brought their gifts, perspectives and tenacity to our community: for the new foods they have fed us, for the overtime hours they have worked, for the businesses they have dreamed up, for the wisdom they have brought us, for their eagerness to serve others. Give thanks. 

                For the 6 families, torn apart by violence, who have been reunited and made whole here: for every night a father gets to tuck his not-so-little girl in to bed, for every birthday celebrated with the whole family gathered round the table, for every evening spent just sitting together in the living room, all under one roof. Give thanks.  

                For the 22 refugee children, born into fear, hunger and death, whose innocence is slowly being restored: for every teacher whose love and patience is opening their minds to new worlds, for every afternoon spent drawing silly faces in sidewalk chalk outside, for every nurse, doctor, surgeon, nutritionist and therapist who has tenderly healed their wounds from their past lives so that they can embrace all that lies ahead. Give thanks. 

Never forget: We bear witness to countless little miracles in the lives of the refugees we welcome and in our own lives every day. Count each one. And give thanks.