Announcing an Interactive Exhibit About the Refugee Journey

We are excited to announce that on Sunday, April 23 from 12-6 pm, Students for Refugees and Canopy NWA will be hosting a Mock Refugee Camp at the University of Arkansas gardens (the area between Lot 56 and the Bud Walton Arena). Visitors will pass through several stations that simulate a refugee's journey, from the decision to flee their homeland, to their perilous travel by land and sea, to their arrival in a refugee camp, to eventual resettlement. It is free, open to the public and family-friendly

This project is the brain child of Students For Refugees Co-Founders Jessica Garross and Jamie Nix. The two University of Arkansas seniors had the opportunity to visit the Lesbos refugee camp in November 2015 and learn about the refugee journey first-hand. Upon their return, they worked to launch Students for Refugees as a means of educating the university community about the refugee crisis and advocating for refugee resettlement in Northwest Arkansas. They dreamed up this interactive exhibit to share what they witnessed in Lesbos with their community. "Our visit to Lesbos was life-changing for us," Jess explained. "We want to try to bring that experience home to Fayetteville." 

The Mock Refugee Camp is a joint venture between Canopy NWA, Students for Refugees and a number of other student organizations on the University of Arkansas campus. In addition to the exhibit, guests can visit informational booths for Canopy NWA and Students for Refugees and grab food from a selection of local food trucks. 

For more information or media inquiries, please contact Emily Crane Linn ( or Lauren Snodgrass ( at Canopy, and Jessica Garross ( or Jamie Nix ( at Students for Refugees.