Help us reach our goal of $20,000!


Thanks to all of you who have given and to all those who attended the Refugee Benefit Dinner Saturday night, we have raised $18,400 toward our fall fundraising goal! That means that we only have $1,600 to go-- but we only have until Sunday, October 1 to get there.

If you haven't given yet, would you consider doing so? These are difficult and uncertain times for refugee resettlement across our country, but here in Northwest Arkansas, our community is making a difference, changing the world one refugee family at a time. 

If you believe that refugees make our community better, help us welcome them by making a gift today! If just 16 of you were to give a $100 one-time gift, we would meet our fundraising goal for this month. Can't give $100? How about $10? If you set up a recurring monthly gift of $10, your giving will really add up by the end of the year-- without denting your budget too badly. 

Go to to make your gift today!