Refugee Resettlement is Under Attack. Give Today


President Trump has just announced that no more than 45,000 refugees will be admitted to the US this coming year. 

That's the lowest admissions number our country has seen in nearly 40 years. Since 1980, every president-- Republican and Democrat alike-- has maintained a ceiling of at least 67,000

But today, in the midst of the greatest refugee crisis in history, with over 23 million people needing immediate refuge, the United States has just announced that it is stepping back. This is devastating to us. Our hearts break for the thousands who could have found safety and new beginnings on our shores but who instead are being left in peril. 

We don't know yet what impact this will have on our work here in Northwest Arkansas... But we do know this: Our work is more important now than ever before. Our country seems to be questioning whether or not refugee resettlement is worth it.

Let's let Northwest Arkansas show them why it is. 

If you believe refugees make our community-- and our country-- better, then please support our work today. As our government pulls back, we need our community to lean in. Give a gift so that we can continue welcoming refugees home.