Join us in our fall fundraiser!

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On October 1, Canopy will officially turn one year old! That's amazing. We have done so much together as a community, in our first year, to bring Canopy to where it is today.

Together, as a community we have:

  • Given 54 refugees a home and a new beginning in Northwest Arkansas

  • Helped all our refugee families become financially self-sufficient within 90-days of arrival

  • Raised over $90,000 to make Canopy’s work possible

  • Held over 50 community outreach meetings and events in your schools, churches, businesses and community gatherings.

  • Registered 500 of you as volunteers so that you can help our newest arrivals with transportation, childcare, homework help and cultural integration

  • Formed 23 co-sponsor teams from a wide variety of faith communities (from Mormons, to Muslims to Baptists to Universalists) and service organizations

What a year it has been for us!

As we look ahead to the coming year, we are planning to grow in a few significant ways. First, we are planning to welcome nearly double the number of refugees we did this year, with a target of 100 arrivals. Second, we are going to work on some major expansions to our employment program: we’re going to finish and publish a curriculum for our job readiness class, develop partnerships with organizations offering job training programs (such as CAN and CDL training) and expand our network of employers so that our clients have a wide range of initial job opportunities available to them. And lastly, we are going to work on building up our volunteer programs, making sure that you all have the resources, training and support you need to give our refugees your very best.

To do all this in Year 2, we will need to raise $106,000 from you, our community. That’s a big number, but we know that we can all get there together! To help us start out strong, we are asking you to help us raise $20,000 by October 1. There are a couple ways that you can do this:

    1) Buy a ticket to Canopy’s Refugee Benefit Dinner, September 23. Tickets start at $100 a person and all the proceeds go directly to us. They’re selling quickly, so get yours before they’re gone!

    2) Give a one-time gift. Think about it: all we need are 400 of our Facebook followers to give $50 so that we can meet our goal. Why can’t you be one of those people?

    3) Give a monthly recurring gift. If you can’t give $50 right now, sign up to give $5 a month. That will come out to $60 over the course of this next year. It will make a big difference toward our goal and you will barely miss it.

    4) Ask your company to match your gift. Many large employers in the area like to give to causes their employees care about. Talk to your supervisor and see if you can double your giving just like that!

    5) Like and share our posts! We’re going to need you to help us get the word out if we’re going to reach our goal together!