Help Majidi and Rehema send some love (and clothes) to refugees in Tanzania

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Majidi can clearly still remember when he first arrived in the refugee camp in Namibia after a grueling journey from the Congo. He had nothing with him but the clothes on his back and they were filthy and worn after the journey, but for his first several weeks in the camp, he had to make do with them.

Then a miracle happened: a container arrived in his camp from America, filled with clothes.

Majidi was invited to take what he needed. The new clothes made him feel like a human again. That simple act of kindness from strangers in America touched Majidi deeply. He knew then that if he ever got the chance to go to America, he wanted to repay the favor.

SO. This holiday season, he and his wife Rehema are working to fill a 40-foot container with clothes, feminine hygiene items and BOOKS to send to those in need in the camp and they need YOUR help.

Here are three things you can do this holiday season:

              1) Bring your gently used clothes and toys and (new) feminine hygiene products to the Canopy office anytime Monday-Thursday 9 am- 4pm so that Majidi and Rehema can send them to Nyarugusu.

              2) Consider donating to help cover the shipping costs. It’s going to cost $6,400 to ship that container from Fayetteville to Tanzania and Majidi and Rehema can’t do it alone! This fundraiser will help get them part of the way there at least.

              3) Share this post! This is a big dream and it’s going to take our whole community to make it happen. Help us get everyone involved.