We are hiring!



We are sad (but proud) to announce that after a year and half of intense, foundation-building work with Canopy NWA, Rick Barry, our Employment Coordinator, is moving on to serve our country as an Army Officer. It was Rick's heart for public service that brought him to us-- and now it is taking him away to Officer Candidacy School. Rick hopes that this opportunity will equip him to be a better leader and will allow him to serve his country wherever it needs him most. Of course, it goes without saying that we couldn't be prouder of him. 

As sad as we are to see him go, we are excited for the opportunity to add a new person to our team and start a new chapter in Canopy's Employment Program. This person will play a foundational role in helping us launch two new initiatives this year: one aimed at providing employment services to non-refugees in our community and the other aimed at helping refugee families who need a little extra time and assistance to become self-sufficient. They will also teach a job readiness course, help place clients in jobs and expand Canopy's network of employers-- all with the goal of helping our clients become full, contributing members of our community. If this sounds like you, send a resume and cover letter to: emily.linn@canopynwa.org by February 21.