Plant a Seed


After a long, bleak winter—8 months without a single refugee arrival— spring is slowly pushing through at Canopy NWA. Three weeks ago, we welcomed John Feruzi, Safi and Watata’s long-awaited son. Last week, we welcomed our second refugee case of the year: the Kalulu family from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Slowly, it seems the frost of the refugee bans and harsh new vetting procedures is thawing. We get to welcome brave, beautiful new neighbors once again!

Spring is a time of celebration, and we want to invite you all to join with us in the joy of seeing children enrolled in school, young men finding purpose and independence in work, families finding community and fellowship in places of worship. New life is beginning all around us; take it in with us! Rejoice with us! If you don’t already, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram, where we share the daily joys and triumphs of families starting over in our community.  


But spring is also a time of labor and preparation. Even as we rejoice at the flowers, buds and blossoms, we get down in the dirt and we weed, fertilize and plant. Because even at the height of spring’s beauty, we know that winter will come again, and when it does, we need to be prepared. We know that if we put in a small investment now, by the time the leaves have finished falling, we will reap a harvest large enough to sustain us through the cold and dead months of winter.

So friends, as you plant your vegetable seeds, your flower bulbs and your herb stalks in your gardens all across Northwest Arkansas, we invite you to plant a seed for Canopy in the form of a recurring monthly gift. A seed can be small, maybe just $10 a month, but if you plant it now, before you know it, it will have turned into a big, sustaining investment that can keep us going in times of plenty and in times of hardship.

Right now, we have about 40 monthly donors—but we have over 800 email subscribers, nearly 2,500 Facebook followers and 600 registered volunteers. If every one of our friends and neighbors who follows our work and cheers us on were to give even just a few dollars a month, it would quickly turn into a life-changing amount. SO. Here is our ask. We ask you (yes you, who are reading this right now), who have believed in us, celebrated with us and watched us grow: join us now in our spring planting by setting up an online recurring donation. It’s easy, it takes no time at all, and once it’s set up, the gift will immediately start to grow, one month at a time.

Our goal is to get to 200 monthly donors by the end of this month—that’s 5 times our current number, so that means we really do need everyone to get involved and give what they can. We need you.

If you’ll do that for us, here is what we promise: for every new recurring gift we receive, we will plant a seed of our own and give the plant to a refugee family in our community. Also, we really mean it when we say that even small gifts make a big difference—but to encourage you to be as generous as you can, we’ll send you a Canopy t-shirt if you set up a gift of $25 or more. Just enter your t-shirt size into the notes section when you set up your gift and we’ll get one in the mail to you within a couple of weeks.

Let’s do this together. Plant a seed today—for the ones already here, the ones yet to come and for the community we are building together.