We Are Approved!

Dear friends of Canopy,

We have big news: After months and months of hard work and waiting, Northwest Arkansas has been officially designated as a resettlement site!  It’s all in writing. It’s official. It’s really happening. Refugees are coming to Northwest Arkansas this fall because of your efforts— because of our efforts.

I want us to all just take a moment and really let that sink in. There is going to be a refugee resettlement program in Northwest Arkansas because we, as a community, got together and made it happen. There’s no precedent for this: new sites have always been formed from the top down, where existing offices spawn sub-offices in new desirable locations. Not so in Arkansas. We found each other, got organized and did the work that normally takes established organizations years to do. And it’s all paying off.

As soon as we sign our memoradum of understanding with LIRS, we will be eligible to take our first case, and from there, the family could arrive within a month! There are a million things to do before then… But for now, please join with us in celebrating.

Congratulations, everyone! Get ready to welcome refugees with us!