At Canopy NWA, we understand that resettling in a new country is a complex process that involves much more than just finding a place to live. That’s why we offer Integration Support — a comprehensive set of services designed to help refugees not only survive, but thrive in their new community.

What is Integration Support?

Integration Support is a holistic approach to refugee resettlement. We believe that true integration involves establishing deep connections with the community, gaining financial stability, and preserving one’s cultural identity while embracing the new. Our Integration Support is designed to facilitate this process and includes high-quality case management, access to referrals, and extensive programming.

High-Quality Case Management

Our case managers work closely with each refugee to develop a personalized integration plan. This plan outlines the steps needed to achieve self-sufficiency and includes goals related to housing, employment, education, and more. Our case managers provide ongoing support and guidance to ensure these goals are met.

Access to Referrals

We have built strong relationships with local service providers to ensure that refugees have access to the resources they need. This includes healthcare, legal aid, language classes, and more. We work to connect refugees with these services as quickly as possible to aid their integration process.

Extensive Programming

Our programming is designed to address the unique challenges that refugees face. We offer cultural orientation classes, employment training, youth programs, and more. These programs are designed to help refugees understand their new community, gain necessary skills for employment, and provide support for young people.

Our integration support allows us to provide high-quality case management, access to referrals, and extensive programming to increase sustained well-being for refugees across generations.