At Canopy NWA, we are passionate about helping refugees find a safe and comfortable place to call home here in Northwest Arkansas. We believe that everyone deserves a warm welcome and a secure living environment, and we’re asking for your help to make this possible

How You Can Help

Do you have a rental property available, or know someone who does? We’re currently seeking landlords and property managers who are interested in renting their properties to the families we serve. We need everything from one-bedroom apartments to four-bedroom homes, and we’re looking in Bentonville, Springdale, Rogers, and Fayetteville.

Common Questions

What about the application process and background checks?
Refugees are among the most vetted individuals you’ll ever meet. They undergo years of rigorous background checks before they are allowed to settle here. This ensures that they are responsible and trustworthy tenants.

How will the rent be paid?
Canopy provides three months of rent upfront, along with utilities, to help families settle in. We also assist with employment and if necessary, we can provide additional support through our matching grant fund.

Our Greatest Housing Needs

We are in urgent need of all types of housing, from one-bedroom apartments to four-bedroom homes. The ideal property would be close to public transportation, have access to a laundromat, and be located in a safe and friendly neighborhood.

Do you know of anyone interested in renting to new families? Contact Kara Townsend.

Kara Townsend