Our Team

Our team is the driving force behind our mission and vision, bringing unparalleled energy, dedication, and talent to the table. Get to know the incredible individuals who are dedicated to our mission of creating a community where refugees are welcomed and equipped with all they need to build new lives.

Wael Abdelhafez
Case Manager

Khalid Ahmadzai
Senior Director of Economic & Community Development

Malath Alarnosi
Case Management Supervisor

Danielle Bennett

Youth Services Supervisor

Telma Berardo Melo

Immigration Legal and SOR Specialist

Tuka Burhan

Youth Services Aide

Bethany Carter

Entrepreneurship Program Manager

Adora Curry

Director of Development

Kimberly Elder

Circle of Welcome Coordinator

Ethan Elledge

Employment Services Manager

Thomas Fahn

Case Manager

Mahdi Faizy

Case Management Supervisor

Aarozo Farhad

Refugee Services Director

Emma Gichere

Case Management Aide

Helen Hamlin

Career Developer

Amy Hoskins

Deputy Director

Joanna Krause

Executive Director

Irvine Mbanga

Employment Specialist

Lemine M’Bareck

Immigration Legal Services Manager

Gabrielle Marcy

Career Navigator

Elise Megale-DeVyldere

Youth Services Coordinator

Laurie Morrow

Sr. Director of Human Resources

Saratiel Mugisha

Case Manager

Tyler Stenson

Communications Coordinator

Devon Newman

Entrepreneurship Trainer

Hannah Peeples Crockett

Director of Finance and Grants

Misael Ramirez

Data and Evaluation Manager

Dominique Sanders

Employment Specialist

Mursal Shirzad

Case Manager

Tanner Swanberg

Refugee Services Instructor

Kara Townsend

Housing Manager

Saja Alshafeay

Micro-enterprise Support Specialist

Pascasie Tuyisenge

Healthy Start Coordinator

Jonathan Watson

Volunteer Coordinator

Jonathan Nunez

Employment Specialist

John Wilson

Volunteer Services Supervisor

Adrian Zavaleta

Case Manager

Canopy Board of Directors

Clint Schnekloth


Ayoola Carleton

Vice Chair

Beth Keck


Chris Schaechtel


Jivette De Jesus

Mohja Kahf

Jennifer Newell

Andrés Rhodes

Rivka Zemke